Soffit and Fascia

Soffit and fascia are two important roofing elements. They more or less “finish” the roof and make everything come together to where its functional and aesthetically appealing. While they have a function, they are also ornamental. They make the home look complete because they cover the roof edges and overhangs. They also eliminate a great deal of maintenance, which adds value to your home.

If you are missing soffit or fascia, need work done on your roof, need your existing soffit and fascia repaired, or just want a different look to your home, Hansen Siding and Windows, LLC can help you. As a premier Mankato roofing company, we give you a number of color and style options to choose from so that your home can look its best.

Expert Soffit Repair And Replacement

The soffit is the exposed section under the overhang of the roof eave. If you have an architectural structure, such as a staircase or archway, it can be the underside of these structures. The function of the soffit is attic ventilation. You’ll notice that it has small holes in it so that air circulation is promoted. Because air circulates, moisture is drawn away. This is an important function that ensures the integrity of the home remains sound.

Many soffits are made from vinyl because of its durability. It doesn’t degrade under moisture and heat exposure. This is why it is important to have your soffit repaired the moment you notice that something is wrong. If any of your soffit is missing, it needs to be replaced. If your roof is being replaced, then it may be ideal to have older soffit replaced as well.

Quality Fascia Repair And Replacement

Fascia board can be damaged and require repair. This is the vertical finishing edge that is connected to the ends of trusses, rafters, or where the gutters attach to a roof. The job of fascia is to serve as a layer between the outdoors and the roof edge so that the wooden board is protected against the weather. It protects the roof, which means it protects the home.

In addition to this functionality, fascia also plays an important visual role in that it makes the roof look complete. If you notice that the fascia board is missing or that it is damaged, it is important to contact your Mankato roofing company as soon as possible to have the issue rectified. The longer it remains in disrepair, the longer the roof lacks the proper protection against the weather.

Contact A Mankato Roofing Company

Soffit and fascia are two very important elements of a home’s roofing system, which is why it needs to be repaired or replaced when something goes wrong. Your soffit and fascia can also enhance the appearance of the home. If you are ready to have new roofing, roofing repairs, or soffit and fascia replacement or repair, Hansen Siding and Windows, LLC can help you. To learn more, call 507-388-2378 to request a free estimate.